25 MPH Bumper Stickers & Children Present Alerts

25 MPH Bumper Stickers and Childern Present Alert Signs

How to effectively tell vehicles to slow down when in the area of a school. These tools will help to change adult traffic behavior when driving near schools.  How do you tell drivers to slow down "when children are present? YES, Inc. created bumper stickers and signs to alert your school and the community when the 25 MPH speed limit is in effect.  A perfect Parent Teacher Student Association (PTA or PTSA) project that can be a fun raiser. To order complete the Ouote/Request Form or email: info@yesports.org or phone: 818-292-0779.

25 MPH Bumper Stickers

YES, Inc. will customize the bumper stickers them with your organization and/or school name for the perfect fund raiser and traffic educational tool


Children Are Present Alert Promo


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