Safe Routes to School

YES, Inc. Safe Routes to School Services help communities, school districts and cities find individual solutions to fit their unique needs with Safe Routes to School concepts.  YES, Inc. staff will provide introductory workshops, programs and educational tools to help cities to explore the Safe Routes to School tool box to find the best practice and maintain program sustainability.  YES, Inc., a Safe Routes to School grant and mini grant winner provides individually designed YES programs to help you with your granted programs.  YES, Inc. also provides traffic safety engineering solutions and requirements, such as the Safe Routes to School Maps.  Please contact us for more information.

Traffic Safety Engineering Solutions

YES, Inc. has partnered with TRAFFIC SAFETY ENGINEERS to provide the complete package for a Safe Routes to School grant. TRAFFIC SAFETY ENGINEERS have over thirty years of experience making communities safe, walkable, bicycle friendly and beautiful.

Safe Routes to School Educational Tools

YES, Inc. can provide a Safe Routes to School helpful FREE advice and educational tools for non-infrastructure grants for use by communities, school districts, schools, traffic safety advoctes, law enforcement, parents, cities and to help plan what course the stakeholders wish to pursue in obtaining grant funding. YES, Inc. will help explain how YES, Inc. will customize Safe Routes to School recommended components for the communities’ unique needs, such and a cost effective School Bike Fleet that passes the government requirements

Safe Routes to School - YES Programs

YES, Inc. Programs were developed over 25 years of experience providing pedestrian and bicycle programs for schools.  YES, Inc. programs are perfect for Safe Routes to School non-infrastructure grant requirements. We customize all the programs to the unique requirements of each community.  

YES, Inc. conducted three Sessions at the 2013 Safe Routes to School National Conference and has placed the powerpoint presentations and electronic hand-outs on the YES website.  

How to Create Program Sustainability

As part of all the YES, Inc. programs the goal is for the school, community and/or city to take ownership of a program to help program sustainability.  This is why all the programs are customized to meet the unique needs of each individual community. 

YES Safe Routes to School Communities

YES, Inc. has helped many communities to with their Safe Routes to School program either as an adviser, consultant or sub-contractor. When Safe Routes to School National Partnership was first formed, YES, Inc. was one of the early members.