Supplies / Equipment

YES, Inc. supplies specially designed school bicycles, helmets, repair equipment, Traffic Safety CITY or separately: stop signs, traffic signals, cars and more for purchase beyond the educational programs and materials. Some of the materials are annually updated with the latest vehicle code laws.  All can be altered to meet your community needs, include sponsor logos and granted program names.

Single Speed Bicycle.JPGTraffic Light and Ped Sign.JPGFlaming Hot Rod.jpg  

Kid's Size Stop Signs, Traffic Lights and CITY Streets

Everyone loves our kid's size traffic signals, stop signs and CITY Street made light weight and durable from PVC pipe, Plexiglass and Vinyl. The traffic light cycles through the red, yellow, green and the pedestrian sign can be changed by students to practice good crossing techniques. The Traffic Safety CITY comes with 2 inersections, 4 traffic signals and 4 stop signs or maybe sold separately.

Police, Fire, Hot Rod, Roadster Pedal Cars

The pedal cars are used as an educational tool to create traffic scenarios on the CITY floor showing the hazards children face in traffic area of schools.  Additional pedal cars maybe purchased for fun raffles, school rewards and Traffic Safety CITY replacements.  

School Bicycles, Helmets and Equipment!

Long lasting-low maitenance school bicycles, helmets and equipment are available through YES, Inc. YES, Inc. has worked with bicycle manufactures to create the perfect bicycle for the Physical Education Department to use for their Bike Unit (classes).  Purchasing bicycles for a Safe Routes to School funded program? We have bicycles that passes the government metal requirements.

YES, Inc. is an authorized bicycle dealer and able to purchase at whole sale prices and pass the savings onto you.  For example helmets as a fund raiser: "Give the Gift of Life", do a bulk purchase of helmets at a very low price, add a couple dollars to the price and use the helmet sales as a school fund raiser.

25 MPH Bumper Stickers & Children Present Alerts

How to effectively tell vehicles to slow down when in the area of a school. These tools will help to change adult traffic behavior when driving near schools.  How do you tell drivers to slow down "when children are present? YES, Inc. created bumper stickers and signs to alert your school and the community when the 25 MPH speed limit is in effect.  A perfect Parent Teacher Student Association (PTA or PTSA) project that can be a fun raiser.

"From A to Z by Bike" Booklets, ages 10-18

"FROM A TO Z BY BIKE" booklet instructs children to ride bicycles safely and defensively, to wear helmets and to apply good judgment to potentially dangerous traffic situations. This book is easy to read, ethnically inclusive and lots of fun. The dictionary format provides quick access to important information. We believe that when children learn the rules of the road, and are taught to ride bicycles safely and courteously, they become better drivers of motor vehicles. The first words in this book are “A bicycle is not a toy; it is a child’s first vehicle”.